2018 Sponsors

Principal Sponsor

Workplace Health and Safety Office Queensland

Electrical Safety Office

A: GPO Box 69 Brisbane QLD 4001
T: 1300 362 128
E: safe@oir.qld.gov.au
W: www.worksafe.qld.gov.au

Improving health and safety outcomes for workers in the agriculture industry is a high priority for Workplace Health and Safety Queensland, and the Electrical Safety Office. The agriculture industry has some of the highest fatality and severe injury rates in Queensland. We are working with businesses and industry organisations across the state to raise awareness of the shocking statistic that while only three per cent of Queenslanders work on farms, more than 30 per cent of workplace deaths happen on them.


This is why we:

  • work with businesses to improve their safety management systems 

  • provide information to existing industry-led programs

  • get involved in safe design when businesses are expanding or getting back to basics

  • connect people with safety resources to improve health and safety knowledge

  • design and deliver structured auditing programs across high risk industry sectors, with a particular focus on vulnerable workers.


Improved health and safety culture and safe work design leads to a more sustainable industry. Where risks are managed, the likelihood of severe injury or fatality is greatly reduced.


Work Safe. Home Safe.


Workplace Health and Safety Queensland


Electrical Safety Office

Associate Sponsor

Energy Q

Jason Beasley, Community Safety Specialist
T: 0439 280 051
E: jason.beasley@energyq.com.au

In December 2015, the Queensland Government announced its intention to merge government-owned electricity companies, Ergon Energy and Energex.

In June 2016, the parent company Energy Queensland was created with its headquarters in Townsville. The combined business not only includes the two electricity distributors, but also Ergon Energy Retail, and a new energy services business.

The driving force behind the merger is to make the electricity sector more efficient and to create an energy business ready for the future.

Associate Sponsor

RDAQ Foundation

Marg Moss, Executive Officer
A: GPO Box 2523 Brisbane QLD 4001
T: 07 3221 4444
E: office@rdaa.com.au
W: www.rdaqfoundation.com.au

The RDAQ Foundation has been established to improve health care in rural and remote communities. The Foundation was established by rural doctors to work with communities at the local level. We prioritise projects that directly help rural and remote communities, so they get the support they deserve. Currently RDAQ Foundation initiates and enables new approaches to addressing health inequities in rural and remote communities. The volunteer board remain committed to a lean organisation that priorities action based initiatives that deliver real outcomes.

RDAQ Foundation is a health promotion charity and is classified as a tax deductible gift recipient (DGR).

Session Sponsor

AusChem Training

Michael Schaefer, Executive Manager

A: PO Box 889 Wattagul VIC 3820

T: 0458 222 055

E: michael@auchemtraining.com.au

W: www.auschemtraining.com.au

AusChem Training Vic Ltd is a Registered Charity and not-for-profit company, which was established in the early 1990s as an industry initiative. AusChem operates and is controlled by a Board, comprising representatives of various stakeholder groups, and is chaired by a nominee from the Victorian Farmers Federation. AusChem has a broad charter to support, encourage and promote training and accreditation in the safe, effective and efficient use of AgVet Chemicals.

Session Sponsor

Royal Life Saving Society - Australia

Amy Peden, National Manager - Research and Policy
A: PO Box 558 Broadway NSW 2007
T: 02 8217 3133
E: apeden@rlssa.org.au
W: www.royallifesaving.com.au

Royal Life Saving is focused on reducing drowning and promoting healthy, active and skilled communities through: innovative, reliable, evidence based advocacy; strong and effective partnerships, quality programs, products and services; underpinned by a cohesive and sustainable national organisation.

Royal Life Saving is a public benevolent institution (PBI) dedicated to reducing drowning and turning everyday people into everyday community lifesavers.

Support Sponsor

Alex Thomas Pty Ltd

Alexandra Thomas, Director & Principal Consultant
A: PO Box 607 Torrens Park SA 5062
T: 0457 842 755
E: alex@alexthomasptyltd.com
W: www.alexthomasptyltd.com

Established in 2009, Alex Thomas Pty Ltd is not your average work health and safety consulting firm. 
Owned and operated by Alex herself - the 2018 AgriFutures Rural Woman of the Year (SA) and winner of the 2018 SafeWork SA Augusta Zadow Award - Alex is committed to helping her clients co-create lasting safety outcomes… differently.

With a strong focus on people, safety and sustainability (as opposed to bureaucracy, complexity and reactivity!), Alex delivers adaptive safety solutions to burdensome safety challenges - reducing risk, and meeting the intent of legislation - which is simply: to prevent people from getting hurt whilst at work.


ATV LifeGuard®

Weston Stewart
A: PO Box 369, Dargaville, New Zealand
T: 0064 9 439 7166
E: weston@ag-tech.co.nz
W: www.atvlifeguard.co.nz

The ATV LifeGuard® is a flexible arc, commonly known as a Roll Bar, CPD (Crush Protection Device) or OPD (Operator Protection Device) that mounts on the rear carrier of a quad bike, providing space under an upturned quad in the event of a rollover. The ATV LifeGuard® is unique in the fact that it is flexible and absorbs impact - a world first in quad bike safety, designed to save lives and prevent major injury, and it works.

Contact Us: T: 02 6171 1308 or email nrutter@phaa.net.au

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