About the Conference

Farmsafe Conference 2018 is being held by Farmsafe Australia in collaboration with James Cook University. The 2018 Conference will offer a continued opportunity for farm agencies, policy makers, researchers and safety practitioners (with a particular focus on rural and farming communities), to network, present current research and showcase contemporary and practical WHS intervention programs.  It will provide a conduit to strengthen the agricultural component of the Australian Work Health and Safety Strategy 2012-22. 

The Theme for the 2018 Farmsafe Conference is ‘Innovative, Safe and Healthy’ and will bring people from across Australia and some international visitors to explore how we can and are making farming safer in Australia.  
This conference aims to bring people from across Australia and the world together to discuss policy, practice and research which is helping to improve safety in agriculture.  This year theme of ‘innovative, safe and healthy’ address the wider challenges and opportunities we are seeing in farm health and safety and the great innovation which is helping improve and shape farming. 

Conference Objective

The objective of the Conference is to highlight progress on farm safety and to draw together key stakeholders that will contribute to future improvements in WHS.


The theme of the 2018 conference is “Innovative, Safe and  Healthy” with sub themes that will include quadbikes, children, electrical safety, vulnerable workers, innovation, mental health, zoonotic diseases, machinery, supply chain, transport, hire labour, legislators roles, drugs and alcohol, chemical safety (including spray drift), etc]. These themes are building upon the previous, 2014 conference themes of Health Farmers and Education; Work Safety; Quads – Safer Vehicles and Safer Use; and Lessons from Other Industries.

Anticipated Benefits for the Community

The Conference will attract delegates from Australia and potentially overseas from many fields of interest such as:

  • Agriculture representing a range of commodity sectors

  • Work health and safety

  • Health and safety and injury prevention researchers

  • Product design and safety

  • Risk assessment and insurance underwriting

  • Program design and implementation

  • Medical practitioners and allied health professionals

  • Acute care

  • Rehabilitation and evaluation


A considerable proportion of the delegates will likely be key decision makers, capable of influencing debate and decisions within Australia. As a high-risk industry the agricultural community will benefit significantly from any reduction in injury related deaths and injuries.

Who Should Attend

Those who have a story to tell, an experience to share, wish to share knowledge and network with other like mined people who are working to make farming safer and healthier.  This conference aims to bring famers, risk management experts, policy makers, regulators, general practitioners, nurses, researchers, first responders, mental health experts, those involved in the agricultural supply chain, farm women, youth, rural leaders, veterinarians, together to find innovative ways to improve the safety and health of the farming, farm families and rural population.

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